Design and prepress

Design is what you do when you don’t yet know what you are doing!


Creation is not easy and there are not many persons who have such a talent. The creation comes from the depth of its creator’s fancy. Designers are very talented and sensitive persons with endless imagination and they always give a part of them in their creations. Printing is not only industry, it is a graphic art. It often happens that our customers come to us with vague ideas and uncertainty and leave the company very pleased with a wonderful creation of shape and colors.


Prepress is a process of preparation of the item for the printing. This practically forms the connection between design and the corresponding printing operations. It is one of the most important functions in the printing process. This stage makes sure that all files are correctly processed in preparation for printing. This includes converting to the proper CMYK color model, finalizing the files, and creating plates for each color of the job to be run on the press.


Multicommerce is equipped with modern equipment and software for design and prepress: Heidelberg Prinect Modules




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